Balance Physiotherapy Lorraine Spekkens


Registered Physiotherapist

Co-owner of Balance Physiotherapy since its inception in 2003

Lorraine is the co-owner of Balance Physiotherapy, a physiotherapy practice focusing on the treatment of adults and children with neurological disorders, disease and injuries.  She graduated with honours from the Physiotherapy Program at Queen's University in 1995, while completing a concurrent Biology degree.  Lorraine developed her initial expertise in neurology at Toronto Rehablitation Institute's Lyndhurst Centre before branching out into a variety of public and private settings.   In 2003, she and David opened Balance Physiotherapy.  Lorraine is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and holds an independent practice certificate from the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

Lorraine's ongoing professional development includes attending courses, conferences, and hosting in-services regularly at Balance Physiotherapy.    She has presented at conferences, and worked as a clinical small group instructor at the University of Toronto. 

Lorraine is fluent in English and French.



Office: 416-386-0384

Cell: 416-919-9619

Fax: 416-386-1414